Park Department Core Values:

Washington Township Park & Recreation Department believes that both personal and professional values play a fundamental role in a departments’ culture. There are several basic characteristics of a successfully driven organization: shared mission and vision, strong inherent core values and culture, ethical practices, and ethical leadership. In order to move forward successfully and to do so in the best interest of the community we serve, it is important that all employees are aware of, accept and integrate the department’s values into all decisions and behaviors. The core values identified and defined below are intended to clarify how the parks department will conduct its activities to achieve the department’s mission and vision.



The inclusion of and respect for a variety of cultures, lifestyles and individuals with varying abilities.



Being imaginative and innovative so as to possess the ability to create rather than imitate.



Being with family to enjoy both quality and quantity of time.



Producing results in a timely manner with minimal waste, expense or unnecessary effort.



A willingness to help others; improving society.



New and challenging experiences; participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises.



Investing in lifelong learning, personal development, and self-education.


Park Department Vision Statement:


 “Providing diverse opportunity for adventure.”


Park Department Mission Statement:


“The mission of Washington Township Parks & Recreation Department is to grow the legacy

of service to our community with:

– Spontaneous and structured play providing family and personal growth

– Creative and responsible promotion of healthy lifestyles

– Good stewardship of the environment and historic structures

– Helpful, efficient and empowered employees”



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