Lora Lacey



Bio: I was born and raised in Avon, Indiana right down the road from Washington Township Parks. I graduated from Avon High School in 2007 and attended Indiana State University in the fall. GO TREES! I graduated from Indiana State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation and Sport Management. I did my internship for the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, where I was fortunate enough to meet many influential professionals in this field. I have always had a passion for parks and recreation and improving the quality of life for the community. I believe that the greatest gift we can give to future generations is providing a safe place for families and friends to make memories.


Quote I live my life by: “The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


My passion is: Kayaking, fishing, hiking, gardening, and spending time with my family.



Stephani Massa

Events Coordinator


Bio: I grew up in a town of 900 people and love the sense of community in a small town.  My degree is in International Economics which I use quite frequently in Indiana (sarcasm intended).  My husband and I live in Avon with our 3 kids, Emily, A.J., and Owen. A flaw of mine is that I am late most of the time.  It’s always because I think I can squeeze one more task in; one more dish in the sink, one more load of laundry from washer to dryer, one more email sent, one more conversation in, one more wrestle match with my boy, one more………


Quote I live my life by: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


My passion is: Laughter.  I seek it out.  I find it.  I cause it.  I over-do it quite frequently.



Steve McIntyre

Lead Maintenance/Groundskeeper


Bio: I have been a west-sider all my life, and an Avon resident for 18 years. I am married and have a son and daughter (both teenagers). I have been with Washington Township Park for seven years.


Quote I live my life by: "One day at a time, you're not guaranteed another."


My passion is: Spending time with my family, being outdoors .. especially hunting and fishing, and Alabama Football ROLL TIDE!!!

Jay Clark



Bio: I'm married with two sons (also married) and I'm recently retired.


Quote I live my life by: Always try to enjoy life, be happy and have fun in whatever  you are doing.


My passion is: I enjoy spending time with my family, boating at Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky, skiing in Michigan and I belong to the Cloud Niners flying club at the Hendricks county airport.

John Waggoner



Bio: I spent the last 32 years prior to retirement working in chemical manufacturing. I have been married to my wife Karen for 42 years and still going strong! We have three grown kids, Jack, Laura, and Mark.


Quote I live my life by:


My passion is: Fishing camping, working with little league baseball, helping to raise four of our 7 grand kids, and working at Washington Township Park.


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