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Washington Township Park Presents: Avon Kids' Camp Camper Age Requirements: Ages 5 (and completed 1 year of Kindergarten) - 11 years of age Registration Documents 1. Register Online 2. Sign the form on the back of the Parent Handbook 3. Have your child sign the Anti-Bullying Policy ** All registration documents must be turned in before the start of camp. Refund Policy Anyone who signs up for camp is required to pay the day they sign up. If something comes up and you need a refund, you must submit to us in writing at least 10 days prior to the start of that camp week. Participants who submit their refund at least 10 days prior to the start of that week of camp will be charged a $25 processing fee. Refunds will not be given out after the 10 day deadline. Session Registration Cost: Single Full Day $25 PER CAMPER Single Half Day $15 PER CAMPER Accepted form(s) of Payment: We are accepting Checks and Credit Cards ONLY for camp registration. We must have payment in full the day you register your camper. How can I become a sponsor?!? If you are interested in partnering with Washington Township Park to provide funding for our Avon Kid's Camp please contact the Park Director at llacey@avonfd.org. Your contribution will help us provide healthy snacks to our campers and give one camper the opportunity to attend camp for free.



Q: Is there an Early Bird Registration period this year?

A: We no longer require you to pay the $25 registration fee. You must sign up your camper the Thursday before the first day of camp. Money must be paid the day you register.


Q: Do you offer a multi-child discount?

A: We do not offer a multi-child discount for summer camp at this time. Each child will require you to fill out a separate Registration Form, Camper ID Form, Signed Anti-bullying Contract, and and updated picture on file. Parents will only need to sign one Parent Handbook Form.


Q: When is the deadline each week for submitting and paying for sessions for the following week?

A: You MUST sign your camper up by the Thursday before the following week.


Q: Since we have to pay at the time of registering for sessions, what happens if I pay to register my camper in a session and he/she is unable to attend? Will I receive a refund?

A: Yes, IF you notify the Camp Director or Park Director in writing at least 10 business days (Mon-Fri), which is 2 camp weeks in advance of the date your camper is enrolled. There will be a $25 processing fee for any refund. After 2 weeks no refund will be given. If you would like us to give you a household credit for the days you were unable to attend but, have already signed up for, we will need 24 hour notice of the change. The notice will need to be given to the park Director or Assistant Director.


Q: I am eligible to file child care expenses on my taxes but need the camp's/Park's Tax ID number, how do I get that?

A: Call the Pavilion Center office (317-745-0785) and we will verify that your camper was enrolled in camp and will then provide you with the Federal and/or State tax ID numbers.  If you enrolled online, you should receive the Federal and State Tax ID Numbers on your print out so be on the lookout!


Q: What happens when there is a heat emergency, will my camper(s) be outside during those times?

A: We take the safety of our campers VERY seriously and during times of extreme weather (heat, rain, storms, tornadoes, etc.) we have plans in place! Most times in the event of extreme heat, we will plan events in the Pavilion Center where the campers can participate in activities while staying cool! Pick up and drop off will always still be located at "home base" which is the small shelter at the top of the Park unless otherwise notified.


Q: What should my child wear to camp?

A: SUNSCREEN! But aside from sunscreen, your child will receive one (1) free t-shirt with the camp registration (with the option to buy additional shirts for $10/shirt) and is expected to wear the t-shirts. This helps camp and Park staff to ensure they are able to identify our campers and separates them from all the other children and young adults who will be hanging out in the Park this summer! Sandals/flip-flops are not allowed EXCEPT during the times when the campers will be enjoying our Splash Pad or other water related activities! You will know in advance when those times are going to happen.


Q: Will I receive a run down of activities that will happen each week? If so, when?

A: Yes! The Camp Director will send all parents a newsletter electronically the Thursday before the next week of camp. Anyone on our email blast will receive the email.


Q: What parts of the Park will campers be exploring while they are at camp?

A: Your campers will be exploring our trails, playgrounds, creek, Splash Pad, Pavilion Center and the natural green spaces throughout the Park.


Q: How are camper groups separated and what is the camper-to-counselor ratio?

A: Campers will be separated into a total of six groups by age. Having six groups of campers will ensure that the camper-to-counselor ratios recommended by American Camp Association for accredited camps is always being achieved!


Q: Does the camp provide any meals and snacks? Do you have a fridge for my camper to store food?

A: The camp will be providing a free healthy breakfast each morning (courtesy of a yet to be determined sponsor) in addition to a healthy snack mid-morning! We do not have a means to refrigerate your campers food, so please pack any items that need to remain chilled in a bag with an ice pack!


Q: How many campers do you expect will be enrolled in the camp each week?

A: We will be setting a maximum enrollment of 80 kids per day!


Q: If my camper gets injured during camp, how will this be handled?

A: Safety of our camper is our primary concern during camp! We have first aid kits available for immediate use in each of the major locations throughout the Park. Counselors will have portable first aid kits with them when they take hikes or find themselves in locations without a building nearby holding the first aid kits. All of our camp staff is First-aid/CPR certified. For injuries most commonly sustained during camp (cuts, scrapes, bruises, stings - depending upon the severity, etc.) you will not receive a phone call from a member of our staff. For items that are more severe in nature, we will call the primary contact listed on the In Case of Emergency Form which you will submit with your registration and make our way through the list until a contact is made. You camper will be pulled from activities and will be under the supervision of the Camp Director or Lead Counselor until the emergency contact is available to come pick the camper up. For injuries that require transportation to the hospital, normal Park procedures will be taken. 9-1-1 will be called and the camper will be transfered to the care of the emergency personnel. Camp staff will remain with the camper until a parent arrives (regardless of whether this means they are with them at the Park or at the Hospital). The emergency contact will be called directly after 9-1-1 is called.


Q: Not that I'm expecting this to be a problem, but how do you handle disciplinary action for campers?

A: If a camper should find themselves needing disciplinary actions, counselors will follow camp procedures/protocol. Please refer to page 11 of the Parent Handbook.


Q: What if something comes up during the day and I need to pick my child up early?

A: If you need to pick your camper up early from camp and it was NOT prearranged with the Camp Director, please call the Camp Director on the camp phone (317-514-1780) to make arrangements. Your camper will be waiting for you at the Small Shelter at your arranged pick-up time.


Q: How do you handle allergies, medical emergencies & special accommodations?

A: You will supply the Park with an In Case of Emergency Form which will list any allergies, contacts for emergencies, and/or special accommodations. We keep the information on hand during camp at the Small Shelter. If you would like to store an EpiPen at the park, please send it with your Camper and include their first and last name on the pen or packaging.


Q: If I need to have someone other than a parent either pick up or drop off my camper, what do I need to do?

A: At Parent Night you will have the opportunity to waive the requirement to show your ID as the parent/guardian of the camper. We will need a photo copy of your ID to keep on file. At that time, you will have the opportunity to add other individuals to the waiver. You are giving these individuals the right to pick up your camper AT ANY TIME during camp. If this should not be the case, please do not list their name on this waiver. If you would like to send someone in your place on a select date to pick-up your camper, please provide the Camp Director with a note that contains the following: the date in which you wrote the note, the date(s) in which you are giving the person permission to pick-up the camper, the camper's name, and the name of the individual who will be picking up. Sign the note and provide the original copy to the Camp Director. The individual will have to show their ID when they come to pick-up the camper.


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