Washington Township Park is home to a number of different types of trails that are dispersed amongst our 160 acres between the upper and lower portions of the Park. Whether you want to come take a trek through the woods, run along the asphalt paved White Lick Creek Trail (managed by the Avon Town Hall Park), mountain bike on one of our various levels of mountain bike single-track trails, walk through the high grasses on an undeveloped trail, or grab your road bike and cruise through the Park, we have an option available for you!


If you click here you will find a map of the Washington Township Park managed trails. If you plan to come and ride one of our Hoosier Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) built mountain bike trails, please be prepared to be able to accurately assess your own personal abilities to ride, as the trails do come in a variety of experience levels. Each mountain bike trail has a sign at the trailhead indicating the level of difficulty required to safely ride each of the trails. Some of the trails contain built features (both man-made and natural) so as to purposefully enhance the experience of the trails; these features should not be attempted if you have doubt about your abilities to safely traverse them. As an additional important note, many of our mountain bike trails are one directional, please be alert and watch for "do not enter" signs while you are riding. They are single track courses and it is more likely than not that you will face a potential collision if you ride the wrong direction!

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