PAW PARK (S. 575 East and US Hwy 36)


Washington Township Park boasts the first Dog Park in Hendricks County, aptly named “Paw Park.” The facility is located on C.R. 575 East, just off of US 36. The Paw Park was designed to give the Washington Township community an opportunity to exercise and socialize their dogs in an off-leash area. All dogs are required to have a Paw Park membership to use the area.


Paw Park memberships and renewals can be purchased Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm from the Park Office. The Park Office is located in the Pavilion Center which is in the lower part of the Park. The physical address for the Pavilion Center is 435 Whipple Lane, Avon, IN 46123 - directions can be found here.


Registration Information


To obtain either an annual or daily Paw Park membership, please fill out a Paw Park application and bring it along with a copy of the dogs' updated vaccination records (must include current Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, & Parvo shots) to the Park office along with any of the following payment methods:  MasterCard, Visa, or a check made payable to Washington Township Park.



Annual One Dog: $50.00

Annual Two Dogs: $75.00

Day Pass: $10.00/dog

Replacement Pass: $10.00

*Payment must be made in order to receive the pass to access the Paw Park. Annual memberships are 365 days from the date of the start of the membership and/or renewal date.


Petiquette & Rules


The success of the Paw Park is dependent on the compliance and self-monitoring of the following rules:


• Dog's "in heat", ill, or injured are not permitted in the Paw Park.

• Handlers* are legally and personally responsible for all damage / injury caused by their dog.

• Handlers* must carry a leash and pick-up baggies or other clean-up devices at all times.

• Be cautious with dog toys; some dogs don't like to share.

• Aggressive behavior towards people and/or other dogs should be leashed AND removed from the park immediately.

• Dogs must be at least four months old.

• Handlers* may use only bite-sized treats in Paw Park. Do not feed treats to other dogs without owner's permission!

• No pets other than dogs are permitted in Paw Park.

• Handlers* must stop their dogs from digging and immediately fill in all holes.

• Dogs must be leashed when entering & exiting the Paw Park and must be leashed at all times outside the Paw Park.

• Paw Park is subject to patrol by animal control and park staff.

• Access to Paw Park will be restricted during select special events and periodic maintenance. If restricted, notification will be posted.

• Allowing others to enter the Paw Park under your card number- Member and/or non-members is prohibited.

• Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Paw Park unless accompanied by an adult. Handlers* may not bring more than two dogs.

• Professional dog trainers may not use this area to conduct business.

• Handlers* must monitor their dog's behavior and stay within view of pet at all time.


* A Handler is defined as anyone, owner or other, responsible for a dog or dogs utilizing the Paw Park.

** These rules are subject to change without notice.


Annual Sponsorship Opportunities!


Are you a local business that is geared towards providing services for our four-legged friends? If so, we have a great advertising opportunity for you at the Paw Park! For just $350 for the first year, and $250 for each consecutive thereafter, you can have a 3ft by 6ft color banner up on the fence at our Paw Park for all of our park patrons to see! What better way to advertise grooming services than after a pup leaves the park all muddied up? Or to advertise daycare as an option for expending some of that boundless energy? Click here to download a copy of the Paw Park advertising banner and contact the Park Director today for more information!

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